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Stuffed Balloons

Stuffed Balloon With Frog

Stuffed Balloon with Frog

Have you seen stuffed balloons before? We’ve got them! We take a large 18″ balloon and put gift items inside! You can bring in a gift for us to stuff, or you can choose from the stuffed animals, mugs, candy and other gift items we offer.

The example photo has a cute frog backpack, paper crinkle shred and candy.

We offer stuffed balloons for Williamston and the Greater Lansing Michigan area. Stop in to see some examples, or call us to learn more about pricing and details of our stuffed balloons.

Stuffed Balloons in Lansing

Our store serves the entire Greater Lansing Area. If you’re in Lansing or any of the surrounding towns, we can stuff a balloon for you! Call or stop in our store to learn more.

Stuffed Balloons in Williamston

Our store is located Downtown Williamston. If you’re in Williamston and are interested in a stuffed balloon, stop in our shop and we’ll explain how it works.