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Packaged Balloons

PartyBalloonsWe sell packaged balloons. These are perfect when you want to blow up balloons your self for decorating. And we feature Qualatex Ballons – The Very Best Balloons. Qualatex are the highest quality balloons available. They hold air and helium longer than other brands.

Balloon Size

Our standard latex balloons are 11″ balloons.


Solid colors come in packages of 8 balloons.
Pattens come in packages of 5 balloons.

Colors and Styles

Below, you will find a chart of the colors and styles of packaged balloons we normally carry. Please call or stop it to see if we currently have a color or style in stock.

PLEASE NOTE: Colors vary greatly on computer screens so actual balloon color may be quite different than what’s shown on a computer screen.


 Colors and Styles of Packaged Balloons